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At Leland Aero Service, LLC, we provide a large array of aviation repair, inspection and modification services for any make or model of aircraft. With over 90 years of combined experience, our technicians are able to assist you with:

  • Avionics Upgrades
  • Cosmetics
  • Dynamic Propeller Balancing
  • Engine Replacements
  • Inspections
  • Major and Minor Airframe Repairs

We also have extensive experience with providing services to customers with aircraft manufacturers such as:

  • American Champion
  • Aviat
  • Beechcraft
  • Cessna
  • Extra
  • Grumman
  • Mooney
  • Piper

If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer at Leland Aero Service, LLC, please contact us today to speak with one of our helpful representatives, who will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.